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Tortellini “Caprese” Skewers

Tortellini “Caprese” Skewers

Colorful addition to any meal. These tasty Tortellini "Caprese" skewers feature a summer-fresh flavor combination of mozzarella and basil, pear or cherry tomatoes and wheat three cheese tortellini.
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Ready In 25 mins
Preparation 20 mins
Serves 33 people



COMBINE pesto, vinegar and water in small bowl; whisk to combine.

PREPARE pasta according to package directions; rinse in cold water and place in large bowl. Drizzle with half of pesto vinaigrette. Cover pasta and remaining vinaigrette with plastic wrap; refrigerate for 30 minutes or until cold.

TO ASSEMBLE, alternately thread ingredients onto wooden skewers in the following order: tomato, tortellini, basil, cheese, tomato, tortellini, basil, cheese and tomato. Drizzle with remaining vinaigrette before serving.

Cook’s Tip: These skewers make great appetizers for entertaining or serve 3 skewers together as a main dish.

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