Our Story

When Giulia Buitoni pawned her necklace to pay for her first pasta machine back in 1827, she had no idea that her recipes would one day be enjoyed by people all over the world. But through tireless inventiveness and an unwavering commitment to exceptional ingredients, that’s exactly what happened.

The story of Buitoni begins in the small town of Sansepolcro, Italy, where Giulia and her husband, Giovan Battista Buitoni, opened a modest pasta shop in November of 1827. Their pasta quickly became the town favorite thanks to Giulia’s secret ingredient: excellent quality durum wheat that she sourced from a town 600 km away. Only this specific durum wheat could deliver the best quality, and Giulia settled for nothing less than the best. She was also the first to introduce new pasta innovations that we use here at Buitoni to this day, including folding vegetables into pasta dough to help children eat their vegetables.

Over the years, Buitoni has grown to reach family tables around the globe, but the dedication to quality and inventiveness that we were founded on has never wavered. We believe – just as Giulia did – that great, simple ingredients together with culinary expertise make for the very best Italian food.