Made fresh. And with really,
really good ingredients.

Our high quality ingredients bring out the pasta lover in everyone. We use no GMO ingredients* in all of our pastas and sauces.

Our founders used the best wheat, and so do we.

Thanks to our commitment to using the highest quality durum wheat, our pasta became an instant favorite in the small Italian town where we started back in the 1800s. Nearly 200 years later, our commitment to using high quality wheat remains.

Award-winning cheese, made the traditional way.

We’re proud to source the majority of our 100% Real Parmesan & Romano from Sartori® Cheese, a fourth-generation family owned company that has crafted internationally award-winning, specialty cheese since 1939. They source their rBST-free milk† from local farms and focus on matching top quality milk with top quality animal welfare practices.

Curing prosciutto is an art and a science.

Our supplier starts with the simplest ingredients: local pork and fleur de sel sea salt. Then they trim, prep and hand rub each prosciutto using a dry-curing method perfected by ancient Romans circa 5000 B.C. They let nature do most of the work – and that means no sodium nitrites, and no shortcuts.

Vine-ripened tomatoes picked at just the right time.

Our growers select only the best tomatoes from the vine so we can pack as much flavor as possible into every bite of Buitoni. The incredible color and flavor of our marinara sauce comes from produce harvested at peak ripeness.