Pasta Ingredients
Pasta Ingredients
Ingredients flour and eggs

The (short) story of how our pasta is made.

All BUITONI® pasta starts with the best semolina flour, fresh eggs and water. Then, it’s mixed until our chefs think it’s the ideal texture and consistency.
The end.

Ingredients Cheese

There’s good cheese, and there’s 2013 International Gold Medal cheese.

Over the last five years, Sartori® Cheese has won more than 150 of the most prestigious domestic and international awards, including the highest award for any U.S. cheesemaker – the US Grand Champion. But their greatest prize is being featured in our Mixed Cheese Tortellini, at least we like to think so.

Ingredients Garlic

Most people treasure their family heirlooms. We mince ours and put it in our sauce.

Christopher Ranch is the only commercially grown heirloom garlic in the U.S., and it’s the preferred garlic of the chefs at Casa Buitoni.

Ingredients Rosemary

Rosemary, Madeira wine and a few other ingredients that will remain a secret.

We have a few tricks up our chef-coat sleeves, like maybe we add rosemary or a splash of Madeira wine to a few select recipes. That’s all we can say, because good chefs never reveal all their secrets.