Baltasar Vallès Pàmies Head of Research & Development - As the head of the R&D team, Baltasar manages the fine balance of culinary art and science when developing our delicious and nutritious Italian food products.

Valentina Cecconi Nutritionist - As Head Nutritionist, Valentina works to ensure that all products incorporate the nutritional elements of the Mediterranean diet.

Marco Donnini Experimental Kitchen Chef - Marco is a member of Chef Enrico's team and works in the Buitoni test kitchen to develop authentic Italian culinary creations for global consumers.

Meet the team at Casa Buitoni

Head Chef, Enrico Braganti - The atmosphere in the kitchen at Casa Buitoni is filled with action, creativity and excitement. At the helm is Buitoni Chef, Enrico Braganti. Braganti graduated from chef school in Assisi, Italy in 1986 and received his Food and Beverage Manager degree in Spoleto in 1988. Joining Nestlé in 1990 as a Development Chef, he brought with him a wealth of international experience from Europe, the United States, Latin America and Japan. His passion for Italian cuisine and dedication to ensuring Buitoni's standards of exceptional high quality is evident every time you enjoy a Buitoni product.

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