Casa Buitoni Italian Kitchen
Casa Buitoni Italian Kitchen

Nestled in the hills of Tuscany, among verdant fields of wheat, tomatoes, vegetables, olives and herbs stands Casa Buitoni — the symbol of our ongoing commitment to quality, creativity and tradition. Formerly the home of the Buitoni family, Casa Buitoni is now a renowned product development center with a working test kitchen, demonstration workshop and communications center.

Introducing the heart
and soul of Casa Buitoni.


Head Chef
Marco Donnini

The atmosphere in the kitchen at Casa Buitoni is filled with action, creativity and excitement. At the helm is Buitoni chef, Marco Donnini. Donnini graduated from culinary school in Assisi, Italy, in 1995.

His passion for Italian cuisine and dedication to ensuring our standards of exceptional high quality is evident every time you enjoy a BUITONI® product.

Valentine Cecconi


Valentina Cecconi

As Head Nutritionist, Valentina works to ensure that all products incorporate the nutritional elements of the Mediterranean diet.

Enrico Braganti

Head of
Research and Development

Enrico Braganti

As the head of R&D team, Enrico manages the fine balance of culinary art and science when developing our delicious and nutritious
Italian food products.